Monday, September 14, 2009

Art Westport

We had a good time at Art Westport last weekend. This was our first experience at this show, but hopefully not our last. Though the sales of framed photographs was not what we had hoped, we practically sold out of panoramic notecards. More importantly, we saw many old friends and made new acquaintances.

The Westport art fair draws an eclectic mix of people which makes for wonderful people watching and good conversations. My panoramic photo of a London street scene attracted the attention of an older gentleman who said he had driven double-decker buses in London as well as cross-country buses through Europe. He told me about the old Routemasters with their crash-box transmissions and manual steering. The new buses have automatic transmissions and power steering even though they are still double-deckers.

In the words of Yogi, “You can hear a lot just be listening.”

We saw lots of dogs walking their owners, but no cats. I guess cats aren’t all that into art.
I took a break from the art fair to play with my band, Sky Blue, Saturday night. We played to a packed house at Homer’s. Overall, a great weekend.

Next weekend we will be at the Zona Rosa Art Festival near KCI and the week after that at the Overland Park Fall Festival. I expect to be better stocked with notecards this time.